Join the clean beauty revolution with Au Naturale: creators of vegan, organic, and ethical makeup that merges all-natural formulations with effortless beauty.

Founder Story

Before starting auNATURALE, founder Ashley Prange struggled with using traditional makeup on her sensitive skin, and frequently went “au naturale” in order to avoid breakouts and irritation. Wanting a makeup option she could trust, Ashley — who was working as a nuclear analyst in D.C. at the time — decided to start experimenting in her own kitchen. She turned her coffee grinder into a mineral mixer and started to formulate all-natural makeup that would leave her skin as happy as it was when she went makeup-free. Using only healthy, natural, and ethically sourced ingredients, she started to replace every product in her former beauty routine — and the change her new beauty routine made to her skin didn’t go unnoticed.

Soon, friends and colleagues were asking Ashley to create personalized beauty products for them, and by 2011, Ashley had started Au Naturale Cosmetics as an e-commerce business. Now, it’s become both a brand and a cause, growing exponentially as people join the clean beauty revolution that Ashley has spearheaded.

Green Story

In Europe, over 1,300 toxic ingredients — that are suspected to harm either human health or planet — are banned from cosmetics. In the United States, only 10 ingredients are banned from entering cosmetics. auNATURALE doesn’t think that’s okay, so they use only ethically sound, factually healthy, and naturally sourced ingredients in their products, working to improve the beauty industry’s standards from the inside out.

The company has also gone a step further, calling on the United States government to increase its regulation of the cosmetics industry with its #CleanBeautyRevolution campaign. Au Naturale customers can sign up as grassroots advocates to help lobby for laws that will keep harmful toxins out of American cosmetics, and auNATURALE’s clean beauty blog helps educate consumers on the issues around cosmetic regulation.