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Award-winning, luxury baby changing bags that don’t compromise style for function.

Founder Story

Storksak was founded in 2003 by Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman: friends, mothers, and entrepreneurs who wanted to give a little helping hand to new parents. Both had felt slightly overwhelmed as new moms, and they knew that a good changing bag could feel like a lifeline at times — letting parents get out of the house, manage their days, and achieve the occasional “parenting win.”

Not all changing bags are created equal, however, so Storksak was designed from the inside out, making sure everything a parent might need was on hand and within easy reach. Storksak’s beautiful bags come ready-made with luxury changing mats, pockets, dividers, and insulated bags and compartments to help keep parents organized — so they can easily mop up spills, avert hunger tantrums, and keep necessities out of reach from little hands and mouths as needed.

“The main spark of starting Storksak was to have a wonderfully fun and thriving company that we could work around our babies and young children,” Mel and Suzi say about their company, continuing:

Working with flexibility is the key! We’ve managed to do it, continue to do it, and are very proud of it. Our wonderful team of designers, marketers, accountants and sales people are a mix of students, young professionals and working parents. The mix is great fun and we’re constantly learning along the way.

Impact Story

The Storksak team believes that working in tandem with our communities and our environment is of the utmost importance, and they work tirelessly to make sure they do so. All Storksak bags are held up to high American and European standards of both safety and quality, and all products are completely free of BPA, lead, and phthalates.

Storksak also believes in ethical manufacturing: the company has a ten-year relationship with their manufacturing factory, which they visit twice a year in order to develop new products and ensure their high standards are being met. Factory partners have been chosen due to their technical expertise and high integrity, including the careful consideration taken when sourcing materials and the fair treatment of their employees.

Finally, Storksak does its best to give back. The brand donates faulty and used bags to charitable causes, helping lower its environmental impact, and gives back to non-profits that work to provide a better future for women and children in need around the globe.