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100% organic, salon-approved Italian haircare. Bio A+OE blends premium plant-distilled floral waters with essential oils to create a line of effective formulations that work for every hair type, leaving locks strong, smooth, and volumized — naturally.

Founder Story

Although Bio A+OE founder Andrea Villani originally worked in law, he had always had a deep passion for nature and an organic, natural lifestyle. In 2003, he turned that interest into a small business and began selling organic, herbal teas. That experience gave him an in-depth knowledge about herbal care and how to craft products, so when he started learning more about the beauty industry and the many toxins in everyday products, he decided to do something about it. And so Bio A+OE was born: a haircare line that meets high standards in both organic care and professional styling.

Green Story

The entire Bio A+OE line is COSMOS-certified, meaning all products meet the highest international standard for organic and natural cosmetics. All products are also biodegradable, so they won't harm nature after they wash down the drain.