And because we believe that Everything Touches Everything Else - we hate plastic.

We searched for a natural solution and got inspired by...  KING TUT!  Yup, turns out ancient Egypt's most renowned Pharaoh had a trick or two up his sleeve, er, 'mummy wrap'.  You can learn all about it here.

Founder Story

Kayaking flooded spring rivers is magic - until you get hit by a big sheet of ice.  So one spring, while carefully dodging ice blocks I got tripped up... in plastic garbage.  Next thing you know I was upside down.

It kinda killed the mood.  

But what I didn’t realize, is plastic's more than ugly trash...Even my kayak is plastic...

So I went on a mission and quickly learned that of the 300 million tonnes we make each year, most is used once then thrown out, only 6% is recycled and plastic doesn’t decompose or biodegrade, it just becomes smaller and smaller plastic particles. I reaserched and read to learn how I could reduce my foot print and make it easy for other to as well. Remember King Tut? Well, turns out his Ancient Egyptian brothers used beeswax and coniferous tree resins to preserve his body for nearly 3,000 years. So it wasn't long before I convinced my old friend Pj to join me in figuring out how to apply those same principals to food preservation.  We set up shop in Pj's basement and started melting bees wax and experimenting with different tree resins.

And that was enough to light my fire.