Genuine Health brings the world delicious, gluten-free snack bars that give bodies the nourishment they need — from the inside out.

Founder Story

Even before founder Stewart Brown launched Genuine Health, he was immersed in the health food space. He owned a line of retail supplement stores, Supplement Plus, with a flagship store located in downtown Toronto. He eventually began selling greens+ in his stores, and found that the superfood formulation was a huge success: customers kept coming back for more and telling Stewart how great they felt. Using that feedback, Stewart began selling greens+ to other stores around Toronto… and by 1999, he was selling his supplement stores in order to work on greens+ and Genuine Health full-time.

Green Story

Genuine Health crafts its bars out of all-natural ingredients that are good for both people and the planet. It’s a registered B Corporation, which means that it’s part of a community of companies that use business as a force for good. Genuine Health does its part by sourcing sustainable ingredients, planting trees to replenish the earth, donating supplements to organizations and sanctuaries that are doing good, and funding research to help extend bees’ lifespan.