Level Ground shakes the hands that farm the land, working directly with small-scale farmers in developing countries to import everyday essentials — all produced ethically, sustainably, and with zero sulphites, preservatives, or extra ingredients.

Founder Story

Level Ground was born back in 1997, when four families came together with the idea of improving the lives of disadvantaged producers through trade. Level Ground's founders were inspired by the fair trade movement growing in the goods space, but wanted to see the principles of fair trade applied to the foods they were consuming every day. 

Level Ground started by buying coffee from a cooperative in Colombia, and from there, their work only grew. They now work directly with farmers and fair trade cooperatives around the world, including Bolivia, Peru, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Trade premiums go towards supporting educational scholarships, providing healthcare benefits, and growing farmers' agricultural training.

Green Story

Level Ground is not only passionate about social impact, but sustainability as well. Their roasting facility in Victoria sticks to a "zero to landfill" mandate, and they compost over 20,000 pounds of organic matter every year. Level Ground will also reclaim empty packages from local customers, allowing them to recycle and compost over 24,000 packages a year.

All Level Ground coffee packages are now 100% compostable, and they use minimal packaging on other products. In Victoria, staff are paid to bike, carpool, or bus to work, saving close to 52,000 kilometres a year (that's nearly one and a half times around the world!).