The iconic, high-quality, portable solar lamp gives off up to 50 hours of soft light and makes a great introduction for kids to sustainable living.

Founder Story

Little Sun was founded in 2012 by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen and launched at London’s Tate Modern. What started as a humble idea to create a small, portable solar lamp for people without electricity in Ethiopia is now a global project that has changed over a million lives through the awesome power of the sun. For every high-quality solar product sold in an area with electricity, one of our partners sells a similar product in their part of the world without electricity at a fair, locally affordable price.

Green Story

Access to clean light and energy are key to human existence. Today there are 1.1 billion people worldwide living without access to the electrical grid, meaning their basic needs are not being met. Education levels drop, as children cannot study after sunset. Working hours are limited to daytime and income is reduced. Medical care, such as delivering babies at night, becomes more dangerous to provide. The quality of time together cooking and socialising is compromised. As Little Sun founder Olafur Eliasson says, solar power is holding hands with the sun, holding hands with the sun is holding hands with the future. Little Sun sees solar as one solution to a cleaner planet and a way to achieve global energy access for all. Solar is on track to becoming the cheapest form of sustainable energy within the next few years, making it also the most economically accessible form of energy for everyone.