Mukta Being is part of a greater movement towards more conscious, natural, and holistic living. A Canadian-owned and -operated company, Mukta Being is committed to creating socially responsible, eco-friendly, consciously crafted goods. Mukta inspires a more healthy, expansive, and liberated life.

Impact Story

The essence of Mukta Being's ethos begins with the respect for what is beneath our feet. Mukta's mats are sustainably and responsibly crafted with renewable and biodegradable resources. They’re never tested on animals and use minimal resources to be created, with any leftover materials recycled.

On top of that, Mukta Being positively impacts both people and planet with every purchase. For each mat sold, Mukta Being plants one tree in Canada and grants one scholarship in Ethiopia — a program that arose from founder Nicole Manteiga’s previous seven years of work in Gambo, Ethiopia. Each mat purchased gives a year’s tuition to young children in the rural village of Gambo, with Mukta Being granting over 370 scholarships in the last year alone.