Namastie creates comfortable, durable, super-soft hair ties. These colourful, non-slip ties leave an impression — never a kink. It’s the upgrade ponytails never knew they needed.

Founder Story

Namastie’s founder, Anna Sell, has been bringing the world beautiful, luxurious Turkish towels for years now — and she wanted to revolutionize hair ties in the same way she did towels. She founded Namastie based on the belief that hair ties should not get lost in single-sock-land. Instead, they should be available when needed — on the go and without having to search long. They should also be versatile and serve as the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Green Story

Namastie hair ties are soft to the touch, the perfect size for thick or thin hair, and look beautiful on both wrists and in hair. By blending fashion and functionality, with no kinks or pulls, Namastie encourages individuals to use and hold onto their hair ties long-term — because hair accessories should be far from used once, lost, and forgotten.