Meet the first bottle specially designed to preserve essential breast milk nutrients. nanobébé improves the entire process of feeding babies breast milk from a bottle, with its unique design allowing caregivers to warm and cool breast milk faster, preserving vital nutrients for babies’ development.

Brand Story

The idea for nanobébé first came to co-founder Ayal Lanternari in the middle of the night — when he was in a hurry to warm up refrigerated breast milk for his baby, Daniel. Most parents know that warming breast milk is a process that can easily take over 10 minutes, and both Ayal and his son were frustrated. He wondered if there was a better way — and then thought of the possibility of a baby bottle whose surface area allowed milk to warm and cool faster. Later that day, he called his friend (and later nanobébé cofounder) Asaf Kehat and pitched him the idea.

The two dads started researching the idea — and a year later, after extensive research and design, nanobébé was born.

Impact Story

nanobébé products help parents and caregivers preserve essential breast milk nutrients to maximize little ones’ health.