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Born in New York City and inspired by nature, Noyah brings the world all-natural lip care. Clean, sustainable beauty meets classic style, with the perfect shade to match any personality and every situation.

Founder Story

Noyah founder Josh Gordon first started his career as a doctor, but was drawn to entrepreneurship when he realized just how unregulated many cosmetics were — and how few natural alternatives existed. Josh believed that lip care, as a cosmetic product that enters the body, should be made as food, so he decided to do exactly that… and so Noyah was born.

Green Story

Noyah makes their products out of all-natural ingredients in kitchens (rather than in cosmetic plants), and they’ve incorporated bamboo into their packaging in order to reduce the amount of plastic they use by 60 percent. And not only is Noyah cruelty-free, made locally in the United States, and certified organic, but for every tube of lip balm purchased, another is donated to the homeless through Noyah’s giveback program.