Paperclip makes diaper bags whose all-in-one, fold-out changing stations let parents easily change their children anywhere, anytime — with enough space and style to go from playground to boardroom worry-free.

Brand Story

When first-time parent and Paperclip co-founder AJ Buckley first attempted an out-of-home diaper change on his baby, Willow, he discovered a very real problem parents encounter every day: there was no changing station in the men’s room, and the women’s room was far too messy for him to lay his little girl in. The idea for an all-in-one diaper bag came to him, and he reached out to his best friend, Artie Baxter, for help.

AJ and Artie quickly whipped up an idea that would bring style along with enhanced functionality to that most ubiquitous parental accessory: the diaper bag. Paperclip products not only look cool, but bring a whole new level of convenience to those inevitable baby “pit stops.” What makes a Paperclip bag unique is the patented, fold-out changing station that lets parents easily change their child anywhere, anytime.