Handmade coasters cut from driftwood logs recovered from Vancouver Island's shores. Each is different, transformed by natural processes to reveal spalting, various colours and wood grain textures.

Founder Story

Woodrift & Co was launched in 2017 by Studio Robaazzo, a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Victoria, B.C. The Woodrift team merges beautiful, handcrafted design with reclaimed wood, using salvaged driftwood to create classic, one-of-a-kind products for the home.

Green Story

By using local reclaimed driftwood for their products, Woodrift & Co has helped reduce the need for logging on Vancouver Island. In fact, since they first launched, Woodrift & Co has saved approximately 83 trees from being cut down for household product manufacturing. Taking away the need to manufacture new wood also means lower emissions, since a significant amount of energy is required for the logging, processing, and transport of new wood.