Complete line of waste-free lunch kits, stainless steel containers, and other reusable lunch-packing solutions for the whole family.

Founder Story

U•Konserve is the result of two mothers' struggle to be environmentally conscious as their families grew. As they packed school lunches, they knew the plastic baggies, drink cartons and single-use containers leaving their homes were destined for landfill. With this in mind, they created a waste-free lunch kit, and in 2008 U•Konserve was born. The desire was to have an impact beyond just creating durable, long-lasting products. The goal was to offer reusable and innovative solutions to change behaviour and help the planet. That is the same goal that drives our mission today.

Green Story

U Konserve's mission is deeply rooted in fostering change in daily habits to decrease the impact on our planet from single use lunch containers. U•Konserve offers high-quality, long-lasting products, sustainably designed to minimize waste throughout each product's life cycle. The longer our products last, the fewer resources are used to reach our collective goal: to reduce food-packing waste. U•Konserve's products are non-toxic, that are tested by CPSIA-accredited independent labs to ensure that they are free of BPA, phthalates and lead.