Yoobi brings the world bright, colourful school supplies that make the world more fun while giving back. For every Yoobi product purchased, Yoobi donates essential school supplies to classrooms in need across Canada.

Brand Story

Yoobi believes in getting school supplies into every child’s hands — without it having to cost their hardworking teachers. So they’ve developed the perfect one-for-one system: every time a Yoobi product is purchased, they give essential school supplies to schoolchildren who need them.

Impact Story

Since 2014, Yoobi has donated over 57,000,000 school supplies to more than 4,000,000 children in thousands of schools across North America. But the impact goes far beyond just those physical donations to impact how kids work, feel, and thrive, since studies show that when children have the supplies they need to succeed in school, their grades, classroom behaviour, and self-esteem all improve.